Many women have uneven breasts. Whether you are a bride to be, going to the gym, have been through a surgery or just want to feel confident daily, bra pad inserts are a comfortable, affordable solution.  We make it easy to add a little lift, increase the size of one side, and create the symmetry you’re looking for. Need help? Contact us for expert bra pad advice.

There are lots of reasons to want to go up a size. If you’re small busted, Bravo Bra Pads will make your bras and swimwear fit better. Bra pad inserts can also help to fill out the cup after having lost weight, after childbirth, and let’s face it ~ aging can make our breasts “go south.” Sometimes, it’s just more fun to slip a pair of bra pads in and go bigger!

Is your sports bra giving you an awkward looking bustline?  Swimsuit flattening your shape? Replace those “do nothing” foam shapes that came with your sports top, swimsuit or bralette with Bravo Bra Pad inserts for a shapely, natural silhouette. Bra pads are an affordable, easy way to enjoy curves, breast lift, shaping and fullness whenever you like.

Bravo Bra Pads are the preferred brand of sew in bra cups. Wedding dress designers love the soft, durable quality of our seamless push ups and shapers. Our modesty covers and bra pad inserts perform beautifully for wedding gowns and formal dresses. Dance teams and professional dancers choose Bravo, including The Rockettes and Dancing With The Stars. 

The origin of Bravo Bra Pads

Push Ups, Shapers & more? ... Oh my!

Bravo Bra Pad inserts Beach Photo

Our company, Bravo Bra Pads, was the FIRST American company to design Push Ups® and Shapers® for bras and swimsuits! Bravo continues to lead the industry in bra pad product quality. We’re based in Oregon and have been in business for over 35 years! We provide friendly customer service by phone (and email), which means, every day we share exceptional bra pad insert advice to customers from around the world.

To tell the story of bra pad inserts and how my husband and I (Jim and Doris Petticord) came to develop them, I must first talk about my personal evolution in the swimwear industry. I have only to shut my eyes and remember how fabulous Jantzen swimsuits were as a teenager. A Jantzen suit was just primo! And you guessed it, I just had to have one! At that time they had a Jantzen Smile Girl Contest. You could send your picture in and the winner got a free trip to Hawaii! Of course, we all blasted them with our pictures, hoping to be that winner.



Bravo assists customers around the world with friendly customer service.

If you would like helpful tips for balancing breasts with bra pads, choosing bra pad styles for your garments, solving post-mastectomy bra fit issues, or have any questions about bra pad inserts, please reach out to us via our contact form or call Mon-Thurs, 503.635-6415. We're here to help .

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