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Balancing Uneven Breasts

Many women have uneven breasts. Whether you are a bride to be, going to the gym, have been through a surgery or just want to feel confident daily, bra pad inserts are a comfortable, affordable solution.  We make it easy to add a little lift, increase the size of one side, and create the symmetry you’re looking for.

Bra pad inserts are an easy way to to make your breasts appear the same. Bra pads are more affordable and adaptable than investing in specialty bras.

Slightly uneven?

If there is only a slight difference, add a Full Push Up under your breast, or at the side.

bravo bra pad insert full push up style 9710 bridal sew in cup with packaging and illustration


Significantly uneven breasts?

If there is a full (or almost full) cup size difference, you’ll want to add one foam or silicone Double Shaper into the smaller breast side of your bra because Double Shapers add a size.

bravo bra pads double shapers nude silicone bra pad insert

Balancing breasts for swimwear?

If your need is for making your breasts even for swimwear your best solution would be to insert or sew one foam Bravo Double Shaper into the smaller breast side of your swimsuit bra.

Bravo 9800 How To Use Brapads

Post-Surgery breast balancing?

If you have had surgery and need a soft, lightweight breast form, we suggest adding a Bravo Breast Form that is the same size you would have normally worn. Our Breast Forms can be used for swimwear or everyday wear, and are very lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. Sold by the individual unit, not by the pair.

Care Instructions:
Hand-wash the breast form with mild soap and warm water, especially after use in chlorinated water or salt water. Air dry.

I am a two time cancer survivor, and recently purchased your inserts for my swimsuit. I no longer have breasts and it is such a struggle finding a swimsuit to support my flat chest. This product combined with the suit I bought made me feel like a woman again. You have no idea!! ~ Bravo Customer
# # #
Nice shape and material soft against skin. Not a rubbery feeling. Have yet to wash it so not sure how well it holds up. But fits in my bra and stays in place. The color is slightly darker than my skin but so long as your clothes cover it completely then it is not an issue. I would recommend you give this a try. ~ Bravo Customer

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4 thoughts on “Balancing Uneven Breasts”

  1. Frustrated and sad

    How can I achieve fixing this without inserts? It’s extremely embarrassing to have to pad my bra like middle schooler. My boobs are at least a cup and a half different from each other. ?

  2. I had breast cancer in 2005. I had a lumpectomy on the underside of my left breast. I had chemo and radiation treatment. I did not have reconstruction surgery. As a result I’m at least 1 cup size smaller on left side. I’d like a recommendation on what would make me proportional. Thanks

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