Balancing Uneven Breasts

Many women have uneven breasts. Bra pad inserts are an easy way to to make your breasts appear the same. Brapads are more affordable and adaptable than investing in specialty bras. Our bra pads are sold in sets of two, so you can use one for your regular bras and the other for your swimsuits to make your breasts even.

Slightly uneven? If there is only a slight difference, add a Silicone Push Up (also called “chicken cutlets”) under your breast, or at the side.

Significantly uneven breasts? If there is a full (or almost full) cup size difference, you’ll want to add one foam or silicone Double Shaper into the smaller breast side of your bra because Double Shapers add a size.

Balancing swimwear? If your need is for making your breasts even for swimwear your best solution would be to insert or sew one foam Bravo Double Shaper into the smaller breast side of your swimsuit bra.

Post-Surgery breast balancing? If you have had surgery and need a soft, lightweight breast form, we suggest adding a Bravo Breast Form that is the same size you would have normally worn. Our Breast Forms can be used for swimwear or everyday wear, and are very lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.

To use bra pad inserts, simply slip them into the opening of your bra or pin them in place. If your swimsuit does not have an opening, you can cut a small slit in the lining. If you have more questions, we’re here for you. Watch our “How to Use Bra Pads” video! You can also write to Bravo or call toll free: 1-888-635-6415.

Latest update: 4 Nov 2015

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