Good deeds really DO raise the spirits!

A note from Doris, Bravo’s “Team Leader”

Ever been tipped overboard while fully dressed?  Well, that’s not QUITE what happened here at Bravo, but adapting to all these changes sure has been an adventure! Like so many business owners, we’ve added protocols for safe shipping/handling. And as always, we’re glad to be helping all our wonderful Bravo customers.

Here’s an UPLIFTING story for you all . . .

This is something FUN that happened in the wake of it all, back when local volunteers out here in Oregon were scrambling to make enough face masks for first responders. We heard about their ELASTIC shortage. Well, we had plenty of elastic and decided to donate to their cause.

Now, I didn’t know any of the volunteers personally, but some of my staff did, so they set the time and place for the hand-off. Violet and I loaded the back of my SUV with spools of elastic and went across town to the meeting place — a grocery store parking lot. The seamstresses arrived. Even as nervous as we were about Covid19, we couldn’t help but find the situation fairly funny; waving at one another and chatting in a parking lot. We soon discovered we had a mutual connection through Janzen! We shared stories, laughed a lot, and believe it or not, even did some solo dancing! We had an absolute BLAST getting to know each other.

I guess the reason I’m sharing this story with others is to remind everyone that we are held together by love and caring . . . and to always remember that!

It’s true what they say ~ good deeds really do lift the spirits up, up, up! And they reward us many times over. Every time I think about how crazy it felt to pull into that parking lot and divvy out elastic like it was contraband, I remember that fabulous family of volunteers, and I can’t help but smile.

What a whirlwind we’re all in! It’ll be fun when we can all “hang ten” without thinking twice about it again (or in my case, wiggle ten toes in the sand)!
~ Doris

“Don’t worry Violet, our beach isn’t going anywhere!” Doris Petticord is Bravo’s “Team Leader” and owner. Picture from a trip to the Oregon coast last year.

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