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Bra Pad FAQs

Bra Pad Advice – Answers to Bra Pad FAQs

Hmmm…bra pad advice for which top three styles for any and all occasions? These bra pad styles should cover everything (might include the Ultra Shaper for instant cleavage too!):

1) Triangle Plus  push up (for triangle shaped bras + swimsuits)
2) Full Push Up (for bandeau + strapless dresses)
3) Double Shaper defines bustline (for bandeau + one-piece swimsuits + strapless bras)

Bra padding can be worn comfortably every day in your regular bras as well as swimwear, lingerie, gowns, wedding dresses, strapless bandeau tops, and leisure wear. Many bras and swimsuits have bra pockets where bra pad inserts can be slipped in (otherwise, our foam bra pads can be sewn or pinned into place in bra or lining of the swimsuit). WATCH OUR BRA PAD INSERT DEMO VIDEO

Bra pad inserts help “fill out” the cup so you can experience better bra fit, more breast lift and/or natural looking cleavage depending on the bra pad’s design and purpose. Bandeau tops fit much better with bra pads (bra pads add snugness which means you are less inclined to “hitch up” your gown), even if you are small busted.


Triangle Plus: Push up, adds a size
Silicone Triangle Plus:
Light weight, made especially for swimwear
Triangle Ultra Shaper:
 Pushes “up and in” for instant cleavage


Double Shaper: Gives you your shape back ~ defines the bustline
Silicone Double Shaper:
Light weight ~ defines the bustline, ideal for swimwear
Shaper Plus:
 Extra push up at bottom, adds a size
Ultra Shaper:
 Pushes “up and in” for instant cleavage

Bra pad inserts will fit into any bra and you don’t need to buy a size bigger in order for them to fit. If you want a little versatility, consider buying a padded bra that has removable pads — this lets you simply take out the basic bra pads and insert Bravo Shapers, Push-Ups or Silicone bra pads into the bra pockets.

For an even more dramatic bustline increase, wear the padded bra with its inserts plus Bravo bra pads – you’ll appear to have gone up two cup sizes between the padding on a bra and the inserts.

bra pad measurement chart

Dressmakers may find our bra pad measurements chart (shown here) helpful.

Need more help? Call our fit specialist for assistance at 503-635-6415 or email us with your questions.  We are here to help.

You’ll find that Bravo Bra Pads and Nipple Covers are very easy to care for.

Foam Bra Pads:
Hand wash with mild soap and warm water after use in chlorinated water or salt water, rinse well, then air dry.

Silicone Shapers:
Gently hand wash with mild soap and warm water after use in chlorinated water or salt water, rinse well, then air dry.

Silicone Smoothies (adhesive):
After use, gently wash with mild soap and warm water, rinse and shake off excess water (do not towel dry), then replace in the original Bravo packaging tray. 

If your swimsuit and/or bra has pre-existing slits in the sides of each cup, simply insert the bra pads in and you’re good to go! If your garment does not have an opening in each bra corner, cut a small slit in the lining to insert Bravo Bra Pads. Gently squeeze the sides of your bra pad together and insert a pad into each opening.


How to use Bravo Shaper Plus Push Up bra pad inserts

How to use Bravo Triangle Ultra Shaper bra pad inserts

How to add bra pads featuring Bravo’s Double Shaper

Yes ~ dressmakers and do-it-yourself brides find that the convenience and comfort of using sewn-in bra pads in their wedding dress beats using corsets or bustiers. Often called bra cups, Bravo Bra Pads are easily sewn into the bra for a bustier wedding dress.

If you will be wearing a strapless dress, sewing bra pads into your wedding gown virtually eliminates the worry of strapless bra slippage.

Bravo Bra Pads let you “add a size”, “add cleavage,” and achieve a beautiful silhouette. No one will notice a thing except your natural shape so — don’t blame us if you get too many compliments!

For securing BANDEAU wedding gowns enjoy our Full Push Upfor superior breast lift (vavoom!). Or, to “add a size” experience our Shaper Plus. For shaping HALTER wedding gowns choose our Triangle Ultra Shaper(pushes up and inward for instant cleavage!), or Triangle Plus(push up).

Whoops…this can happen to any of us: weight loss, childbirth and aging can make our breasts “go south.” But don’t be dismayed…there are easy boosts available for you to add to your bras!  

If you desperately need that uplift, your easiest answer is Bravo’s Full Push Up bra pad. Simply insert this under your breasts in the cups of your swimsuit or bra. Our Full Push Up comes in A/B or B/C in Nude or Black. If you’d enjoy a more shapely silhouette, try our Double Shaper for a fuller, more defined bustline.

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Many women have uneven breasts and it is very easy to adjust your bra cup with bra pads to make your breasts appear the same. If there is only a slight difference add a small pad either under your breast, or at the side. Bra pads work well to make breasts even and are a much more affordable than having to buy special bras for different sized breasts. With Bravo bra pad inserts you can make your breasts even in any bra.

If there is a full or almost full cup size difference. we suggest adding one  Bravo Double Shaper to the smaller breast side of your bra or swimwear. For ready-wear (tops, lingerie, dresses) that you use one Bravo Natural Weight Silicone Double Shaper. Bravo Bra Pads are sold in sets of two, so you can use one for your regular bras and the other for your swimsuits to make your breasts even.

If you have had surgery and need a soft, lightweight Breast Form, we suggest adding the Bravo Breast Form that is in the same size you would have normally worn. These Breast Forms can be used for swimwear or everyday wear, and are very comfortable and easy to use.

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I need cleavage!

If you want to flaunt your stuff…but need some help…here are some ways to give yourself that “wow” factor.

Insert a Full Push Up pad at the bottom of your bra or swim top. When you put your top on, “lift” your breasts on top of the push ups for the full effect. You can always go “up” a size (to a B/C) which is what women often do for wedding dresses.

Simply add a Full Push Up at the bottom of your bra, and gently lift your breasts on top for the fullest cleavage. You will get that extra supportive push and natural breast enhancement with BRAVO’S “little something extra” Full Push Up bra pads.


Full Push Up: Superior breast lift and instant cleavage. Best for bandeau swimsuits and strapless bras.

Ultra Shaper: Designed for small busts. Built in pads push up and in. Best for bandeau swimsuits and strapless bras.

Triangle Ultra Shaper: Dramatic push up for triangle tops, halter tops and triangle swimsuits. Pushes both up and inward.

This is the number one question asked while trying on a swimsuit. “I’m squished” is a common complaint from women with small busts as well as women with B and C cups. Yes, swimsuits make you look slimmer by having a controlled lycra fabric…your hips may look terrific, but the breasts definitely get smashed! But, there’s no need to cringe when your swimsuit flattens your bust. Bravo swimsuit shapers will come to your rescue…discreetly giving shape to your suit without giving away the secret!

To get your bust contour back, we suggest our easy-to-use Bravo swimsuit shapers that can be inserted or sewn into your swimsuit tops.

Yes, bra pad inserts (specifically nude, light weight Silicone Push Ups) are the same as “chicken cutlets” and “cookies.” Nude and Clear Silicone Push Up bra inserts are soft and malleable and can be tucked into any bra or swimsuit. They warm to your body temperature which makes them very comfortable to wear. Their color and soft shape has earned them some very silly nicknames.

Nude Silicone Bra Pads wear best for swimming. Nude silicone products are made from whipped silicone, which means they are lighter weight — and they do not pull away from the chest when immersed in water. Take a look at our Nude Silicone Double Shaper (adds a size!)

Clear Silicone Bra Pads are smooth and have a more natural weight than the nude pads which gives them a very natural, luxurious feeling when worn in bras. They are great for filling in or adding a size!  Take a look at our Clear Silicone Double Shaper (adds a size!). Silicone warms to your body temperature — they feel so natural you may forget you’re wearing them!

YES! All Bravo bra pads and nipple covers wear beautifully in the water. They are easy to care for and hand washable.  In addition to bra pads, our Bravo Smoothies last for multiple wears (triathletes use them to prevent chafing).  

After use wash with warm water and shake dry! Super easy! If you want to use silicone in your swimwear  we recommend Nude Silicone Bra Pads. Made from whipped silicone, nude is lightweight and designed especially for swimwear.

We sell to multiple types of vendors around the world! Better department stores, alterations departments, bridal stores and bridal alterations, competition swimwear manufacturers, swimwear stores, tanning salons, The Rockettes, and even the popular ABC show DANCING WITH THE STARS!

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