Bravo 9200 How to insert bra pads

How to insert bra pads in swimsuits and bikinis

How to insert bra pads in swimwear to balance, lift, enhance, and style

First, take a look along the sides of your swimsuit top. Does your swimsuit top has a nearly invisible slit/opening along the sides? If it does, this is where bra pad inserts can be slipped into place. And if there’s a sorry excuse for a bra pad in there already, replace it with one of Bravo’s swim shapers. Our swim shapers are designed to hold their shape (and yours), usually lasting for the lifetime of your swimsuit or beyond. To insert foam bra pads into the top, fold the bra pad in half (like a soft taco), ease it through the gap and wiggle it into place. It should fit snugly into the bra area. If it’s still a bit roomy and you’re worried the pad might move, simply sew or pin the pads in place (foam pads only – never pin silicone).

What to do if your swimsuit top does not have an opening for bra pads? If your garment does not have an opening in each bra corner, cut a small slit in the lining. Gently squeeze the sides of bra pad together and insert a pad into each opening. Or you can simply sew or pin our foam bra pads into place.  Watch our “how to use bra pads” demonstration video below to see these methods.

NOTE: Never sew or pin silicone bra pads. Your swimsuit MUST have a built-in bra shelf if you’re planning to wear silicone bra pad inserts. They need to sit securely between the lining and material (they’re likely to pop out if you go swimming).


The video above demonstrates how to insert bra pads into swimwear (featuring Bravo’s popular Shaper Plus® (Style 9200).

Shaper Plus® Style 9200 A/B & B/C adds a size! ~ Bravo Shaper Plus Style 9200. Sizes A/B and B/C. The Shaper Plus® will push-up your breasts from the inside. Bra pads help you fill out the cup and give you instant, natural looking cleavage! Style 9200 comes in nude and black.

This pad is great for everything: bandeau style, halters, wedding gowns, etc! If your suit does not have a small opening in each corner of the bra area, cut a small slit into the lining corner. Slightly squeeze the bra pad together and insert the pad into the opening. To sew the bra cups into place, pin the outside first and then tack or hand sew around the edges to secure the bra pad into the lining.

The left side now has the bra pad inserted. Side view BEFORE both bra pads are inserted. Side view of the AFTER both push up bra pads are inserted. Front view BEFORE… front view AFTER. Bravo Bra Pads Style 9200 ~ attractively adds a cup size…vavoom! Bravo…a little something extra.

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