How to use Foam Bra Pads in a Swimsuit

Many swimsuits have a slit in the side for Bravo Bra Pads inserts. Some have flimsy bra pads – you can replace these with Bravo Push Ups or Shapers.

If your swimsuit does not have a bra (only lining) you or a seamstress can stitch non-silicone Bravo Bra Pads onto the lining or cut a small slit in the lining, slip the bra pad in through the opening and sew the lining closed again. They will stay in place through swimming, swim classes or diving.9700_Bravo-Full-Push-Up-brapad

If your swimsuit has a built-in bra but does not have a slit or any lining, non-silicone Bravo Bra Pads can be pinned and/or sewn directly into the bra. Bravo Bra Pads are designed to sit comfortably directly against your breasts.9100_Bravo_Triangle-Ultra-Shaper_nude

Latest update: 20 May 2016

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