Time to Perk Up “The Girls” with Breast Lift?

funny bravo bra pads for breast liftIs it time to “perk up the girls?” The average woman needs breast lift because breasts will “change shape, size and distribution at least six times during the course of her life.” More proof that our bodies are constantly changing. Unfortunately, much of these changes happen as we age, and especially during and after menopause! As if hot flashes aren’t enough!

With age, a woman’s breasts lose fat, tissue, and mammary glands which translates to sagging breasts. Many of these changes are due to the decrease in the body’s production of estrogen that occurs at menopause. Without estrogen, the gland tissue shrinks, making the breasts smaller and less full. The connective tissue that supports the breasts becomes less elastic, so the breasts sag.

With gravity at play, as things are pulling downward, the point is to push them back up with breast lift.

That’s where Bravo bra pads will come to your rescue!

Just need a shape up to fight sagging breasts?

Try our Double Shaper! Their circular design enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking completely natural.

Double Shaper bra pad insert style 9800
Bravo DOUBLE SHAPER® bra pad inserts (Style 9800) enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking perfectly natural.

Need an up lift in the way of breast lift?

Your easiest answer is Bravo’s Full Push Up bra pad. Simply insert this under your breasts in the cups of your swimsuit or bra to perk up “the girls.”
If you want a little versatility, you might want to consider buying a padded bra that has removable pads — this lets you simply take out the basic bra pads and insert Bravo shapers, push-ups or silicone bra pads into the bra pockets. For an even more dramatic bust line increase, wear the padded bra with its inserts plus Bravo bra pads – you’ll appear to have gone up two cup sizes between the padding on a bra and the inserts.

bravo bra pads full push up bra pad insert style 9700
Bravo FULL PUSH UP® bra pad inserts (Style 9700) for comfortable breast lift ~ perk up “the girls” with Bravo!

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3 thoughts on “Time to Perk Up “The Girls” with Breast Lift?”

  1. For health reasons I can longer wear any thing constricting compressing on my upper body so wearing a bra is no longer possible. My idea is to wear a slim vest/camisole with bra supports like those found in swim wear. My problem is finding a full unpadded cup insert in an E to F fit.
    Can you help please?

    1. Hello,
      We have a Double Shaper which I think would work out well for you. The Double Shaper shapes your breasts and prevents nipple show-through. The Double Shaper® is one of our most comfortable, noteworthy styles. Their circular design enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking perfectly natural. This style comes in XXLG (nude only) which would be a good size for you to try. Thank you for your interest in Bravo bra pads.

  2. Hello. I am 70 years old and have large breasts which, with age, have sagged considerably. I wear a 38C bra. The problem I have lately is I get recurring rashes, itching and some painfrom the itchiness under my breasts. I have tried not wearing a bra when I am home, but it seems not to help the situation. I have underwire and non-underwire full cup bras but still go through the rash and itching from frequently. I was thinking maybe I need an insert or a bra which will push up the breast away from my ribcage and the breast laying on my skin. Some bras exacerbate the problem under my beasts. I am not sure what to do, so anything you can suggest will be appreciated.

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