Small bust bride dreaming of breast lift

Create curves, breast lift and fullness as you like.

Women agree; having uneven breasts or small breasts is generally no big deal.

But there are those “special occasions” that come along, like it’s HOMECOMING DRESS TIME. Or maybe you’ve lost some weight and now your expensive push up bras have gaps at the top. What if you have a FORMAL OCCASION, like going to a wedding, being a bridesmaid or simply going on a date. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little more breast lift and/or a bit of cleavage.  And then, what if it’s the mega-event of them all — YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Dreaming of breast lift and/or cleavage for your HOMECOMING or WEDDING DRESS? Say no to boob strapping gizmos and tape. Dress designers choose Bravo and so can you!

Bridal bra pads full push up labelWe are the original trademark designers of the original Push Up™ bra pad insert.  Every day, we provide bra pad advice and “support” for women young and old — and brides-to-be. By the way, if you’ve ever wondered how quality dressmakers create such stunning breast lift and beautiful curves across the bodice? Well, by now you know the answer. Thousands of dressmakers sew Bravo Bra Pads into their dresses — because our bra pads are designed for performance. Bravo Bra Pads are light, soft and designed to hold their (and your) shape.

Dressmakers choose Bravo

Bravo furnishes a variety of BRIDAL BRA PRODUCTS to top dress designers and entertainment shows, most notably The Rockettes, Dancing with the Stars, and The Voice.
Beauty pageant dressmakers create elegant bustlines for contestants. And the women who compete in pageants will tell you — wearing a well-designed pageant dress gives you all kinds of confidence.

In addition to using Bravo for dressmaking, our swim shapers are popular in BIKINI COMPETITIONS for nipple coverage and breast shape definition.

We offer YOU the opportunity to achieve that extra VAVOOM by educating you about some of our favorite formal and bridal bra pad styles. Discover how BRAVO can perk up “the girls” and give you additional confidence for any special day.

Friendly Customer Service
We enjoy helping our customers ~ just as our products provide ‘full support’, we support our customers in their quest for better fitting bras and breast lift. If you need help solving a particular problem with bra fit issues (such as uneven breasts, post-mastectomy fit issues or sagging boobs), we’ll do our best to find the right bra pad insert to resolve your bra fit problem(s).

Call us at 503-635-6415  for friendly, expert bra pad insert assistance. You can also EMAIL US and we’ll respond quickly.

Bravo Bra Pads Office Hours

Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am to 3pm
Friday, 9 am to 1 pm
West Coast, Pacific Standard Time (PST)

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