Using Shapers to Balance Your Breasts

If you’ve had a lumpectomy to remove early-stage breast cancer, you may have a dent, bulge, or other distortion of the breast shape near the surgical site. Or one breast different in size or position.

The Shaper Plus® (Style 9200) pushes up from the inside for breast lift to help fill out the cup. They also make your bust line bigger for a natural looking breast shape. We find that our post-surgical customers use this style often as it is a round shape so the “bump” can be turned to the side, top or bottom to the fill the area with the deficit.

Bravo’s Double Shaper® (Style 9800) attractively shapes your breasts and prevents nipple show-through. The Double Shaper is one of our most comfortable, noteworthy styles. Their circular design enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking completely natural. This pad is the same round shape as the Shaper Plus® (Style 9200) which makes it a perfect match if you have had a lumpectomy or have uneven breasts. Add the Shaper Plus® (Style 9200) to the side that needs a little “extra” and add the Double Shaper® (Style 9800) to the other breast to define your breast shape.


Here’s an uplifting review – one of our wonderful customers – talks about how our Shaper Plus helped her with balancing: 

Because of a lumpectomy I had, one breast is now a cup size smaller than the other. I bought these inserts to try and solve the problem. I place one in the bra cup with the smaller breast and, Voila!, they look the same size. The insert is so comfortable I do not even feel it. The texture is such that it stays in place all day. The foam seems to be of a good quality and does not have an odor. I can once again wear all my lightweight tops and dresses with confidence! — Jean R. 

Foam bra pad inserts may be sewn, pinned, or placed in your bras and swimwear tops. Sports tops, bras and swimsuits usually have slits at the sides of each cup. Simply insert Bravo swim shapers through the slits and you’re good to go! If your garment does not have pre-existing slits, you can pin the bra pad inserts in place or make your own opening. WATCH OUR “HOW TO” VIDEO.

Shaper Plus® Style 9200
Double Shaper® Style 9800

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