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You can pick your favorites from our entire site, or if you’re having trouble deciding, just check out Bravo’s recommended “Buy 3” collection below.

This “Buy 3” bra pad insert collection will prepare you for fitting and shaping the bras of swimsuits, dresses, wedding gowns, performance wear and more.

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  • Bravo Bra Pads Nude Full Push Up swim shapers (Style 9700) with box and illustration
    Bravo black Full Push Up (Style 9700) with box and illustration
    4.89 out of 5

    • Superior breast lift
    • Helps prevent slippage (bandeau + strapless)
    • Built-in push up for instant cleavage and curves!
    • Coveted by bridal gown dressmakers

    Our popular full push up bra pads provide the ultimate boost for any bust line — pushing the breasts up for instant cleavage and curves! Nothing beats Bravo when it comes to boosting the ‘girls.’ Full push up bra pads will add size, fullness, breast lift, and shaping to your bustline (a small bust favorite).

    4.89 out of 5
    4.89 out of 5
  • Bravo nude foam Shaper Plus (style 9200) push up bra pad product box and illustration of bra pad use
    A pair of black, foam Bravo Shaper Plus (style 9200) bra pad inserts, shown with product box and illustration
    4.55 out of 5

    • Adds a size!
    • Instant cleavage, fullness, lift, and shaping.
    • Swim shapers + push up bra pads
    • For Bandeau Swimsuits + Strapless Bras

    Developed especially for shaping small breasts, Bravo’s Shaper Plus® will push-up your breasts from the inside to help fill out the cup and give you instant, natural looking cleavage!

    4.55 out of 5
    4.55 out of 5
  • Bravo Style 9800 Double Shaper Nude Bra Pad Inserts
    Bravo Bra Pads swim shapers Double Shaper black
    4.45 out of 5

    • Fuller, more defined bustline
    • Prevents squishing and flattening
    • Modesty cover + Swim Shaper
    • For Bandeau + 1-Piece Swimsuits + Bras

    Shapes your breasts and prevents nipple show-through. The Double Shaper® is one of our most comfortable, noteworthy styles. Their circular design enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking perfectly natural. Padded bras are a good start, but nothing beats Bravo when it comes to enhancing the “girls.”

    4.45 out of 5
    4.45 out of 5