Nipple Covers

We’ve designed Smoothies to be thin, but they do have a job to do. How thick are they? Well, the middles (where that “work” comes in) are similar to the thickness of 2 pennies stacked together. The outer edges taper quite a lot — they’re thin on the sides — almost paper-thin. Yes, their flower shape will show if your garment is snug. But, depending on the situation, the chance of having friends and family notice a hint of a breast petal, is preferable to having them notice the proverbial pair of high beams.

Care Instructions: Clean Smoothies after use with warm water and mild soap. Simply shake off excess water (do not towel dry) and replace in the enclosed tray to prevent dust from gathering on the adhesive.

Caution: Do not wear them overnight or for more than six hours straight. Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin. Not suitable for nursing mothers. Remove immediately if irritation occurs and flush with cold water.

Latex Free: Silicone Adhesive Smoothies by Bravo™ are made of 100% Polyurethane outer cover, filled with silicone.

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