Become a Bravo Retailer

Bravo helps your shoppers to find the fit they like.

Carrying Bravo products in your store is an exciting way to “boost” store sales and customer satisfaction. 

When in-store shoppers insert Bravo’s Shapers or Full Push Ups directly into bras and swimsuits, everything they try on looks and fits better. Shoppers instantly see how beautifully Bravo bra pad inserts help them fill out the cup. When it fits right, it sells!

Online shoppers love to accessorize by picking out a pair of push ups and ultra shapers to go with their order. 

Women with uneven breasts, a small bust, or sagging especially appreciate how Bravo Bra Pads balance their bust line and add breast lift. They’ll love how Bravo gives the ‘girls’ a more shapely silhouette. 

To receive our complete Product Line List and Sales Support Materials please call 503-635-6415 or contact us for more information.

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Bravo Bra Pads

a little something extra

Industry leaders
• Superior product performance
• Quality material that keeps its shape
• Preferred brand of The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, and The Rockettes

Friendly, knowledgeable staff
• Personable customer service
• Over 35 years in the bra pad business

BRAVO TEAM OFFICE: 503.635.6415 | Doris Petticord, Owner

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