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Our most popular bridal bra pads shaper by far! Bravo’s dramatic Triangle Ultra Shaper® (Style 9100) pushes both up and inward, adding instant cleavage! Vavoom! Adds a size! Unique to the market, each bra pad is shaped specifically to fit the right and left sides of triangle shaped bras.


Our most popular bridal bra pads shaper by far! Bravo’s dramatic Triangle Ultra Shaper® (Style 9110) pushes both up and inward, adding instant cleavage! Vavoom! Adds a size! Unique to the market, each bra pad is shaped specifically to fit the right and left sides of triangle shaped bras. Bra pad inserts may be sewn into gowns in place of a bra or placed directly into triangle shaped bras. Attractively shapes the bust line of formal attire including wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and formal attire.

We are thrilled that the talented dress and gown designers at Dancing With The Stars and The Rockettes use our brand for their creations. Professionals appreciate the quality of Bravo’s performance sew in cups and we hope you will too. If you need assistance, please give us a call (we’re also known for our friendly customer service)!

Bravo is proud to be the original bra pad designer in America. Our bra pad designs are preferred by Dancing With The Stars, and The Rockettes.

  • Long lasting quality
  • Sew in bra cups, lingerie, sports tops and more
  • For triangle bras (and swimwear)
  • Product Style Number 9110
  • Money back guarantee
  • No sales tax!

How to Use Bra Pads
Sew bra pads into dresses, pin, or insert bra pads directly into your regular or padded bra (and swimwear) for natural breast enhancement , better bra shape and fit. Vavoom! WATCH OUR BRA PAD INSERT DEMO VIDEO for a demonstration of how to insert bra pads into swimsuits and bras, featuring Bravo’s Triangle Ultra Shaper® (Style 9110). What if your garment does not have an opening  in each bra corner for bridal bra pads? Simply cut a small slit in the lining to insert Bravo Bra Pads. Gently squeeze the sides of your Triangle Ultra Shaper® together and finally, insert your bridal bra pads, one pad into each opening.

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Care Instructions for Bra Pads
Hand-wash with mild soap and warm water (especially after use in chlorinated water or salt water). Air dry.

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 4.75 × 4.75 in

A/B (S/M), B/C (M/L)



19 reviews for Triangle Ultra Shaper® (Style 9110) | Push Up & Inward

  1. Eric

    These are great. I got them sewn in to a bikini top for a very flattering look. These do not compare with the inserts that come already in the bikini tops. These are more comfortable, and they look natural, and really provide a lift and padding. The only thing is, when I got out of the water, I felt as if they were saturated with water. like a sponge. I could actually squeeze the water out of them. However, that’s a minor issue that i can deal with. I just press down and the water quickly drains. I suppose any pads you get would saturate with water. But the great thing about these is, even when they’re saturated, they still don’t look fake. (Bravo customer)

  2. Doris Petticord

    I confess, living in the tropics and far from any shipping addressed I over did on buying and styling swimwear – few luxuries to flaunt every week. I can honestly say I ordered so many brands of pads and ONLY the 1) triangle shaped Braza pads (nude tone) and the larger size of triangle shaped Bravo brand (in black) did the jobs. Any other was either left unused due to odd and unnatural shape, size, this edges, etc. (Bravo customer)

  3. Doris Petticord

    These are REALLY small! I ordered the A/B cup and there is not much coverage. If you are planning on using them inside an existing suit with thin padding, you may be ok. If you are ordering to make a molded cup top from scratch, order up. The dimensions for the A/B pad (not flattened out) are roughly 4 3/8″ X 4 3/4″ (Bravo customer)

  4. Doris Petticord

    It’s nice but too small for what I needed it for. I wanted to sew it into a dress that I’m making. It would have worked nicely in a swimsuit or something else. (Bravo customer)

  5. Doris Petticord

    Super!!! Black bra pads are hard to find..but I found these!!! I sewed these in a dress and they make it look great!!! love these!!! (Bravo customer)

  6. Doris Petticord

    They do the job for me. Would prefer nicer fabric but they are washable and fit fine. (Bravo customer)

  7. Doris Petticord

    I bought these for my sister because she needed a little help up top for a bikini show she was doing and they did the job perfectly! They weren’t too bulky and they fit inside her bikini suit top. (Bravo customer)

  8. Doris Petticord

    Perfect. (Bravo customer)

  9. Doris Petticord

    They were almost an inch away from being too small but I made it work. I actually feel like if you’re not an a or b cup this would look a little weird in your top because they run a bit small. (Bravo customer)

  10. Doris Petticord

    Thicker than anticipated, but works. (Bravo customer)

  11. Doris Petticord

    Perfect size. (Bravo customer)

  12. Doris Petticord

    Provide great lift and help fill out my bathing suit top. I would buy these again. (Bravo Customer)

  13. Doris Petticord

    Fits well and is comfortable, stays in place all day. (Bravo Customer)

  14. Doris Petticord

    Perfect for swim wear, need to order another. (Bravo Customer)

  15. Doris Petticord

    Item arrived on time and as described. I have read comments about the pads fitting awkwardly or looking unnatural but I am wondering if some have put them in wrong. The pads do have a “L” and “R” on each for left and right which would make all the difference. Gives my small bust a boost and fits my bathing suits perfectly. (Bravo Customer)

  16. Doris Petticord

    I find them very useful especially with my bathing suit. Nice!! Thanks (Bravo Customer)

  17. Doris Petticord

    They will be perfect. Thank you. Prompt service and affordable pricing. (Bravo Customer)

  18. Bravo Brapads

    Perfect sew in bra pads for the wedding dress I was altering. The bride liked the shape they gave her 🙂 (Bravo Customer)

  19. Bravo

    Fit great. ( Bravo Customer)

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