Small Bust Bra Pads to the Rescue!

Small busted and wanting to flaunt your stuff? Small bust bra pads can help! It’s like you get to have your own private “before and after” moment. No one will know you’re wearing small bust bra pads which means you can feel confident and sexy. It’s easy to tuck a pair of Bravo’s small bust bra pads into your bikini or bra. Bravo helps fill out the cup for a more shapely silhouette, which means your shape will look and feel perfectly natural.

Bravo Bra Pads are light, soft, discreet and luxurious to wear. Our natural looking bra pads solve frustrating small bust bra fit problems. No more getting flattened by your swimsuit or settling for push up bras that still have unfilled areas (bra gaping). Pre-padded bras and swimsuits can be a good start, but Bravo’s small bust bra pads lift and fill the cup even more. Nothing beats Bravo when it comes to boosting the ‘girls.’

Small Bust Bra Pads Products

ULTRA SHAPERS (Triangle & Round)

Ultra Shapers are very popular with small busted women. They comfortably push up and inward to create instant cleavage. Triangle Ultra Shaper® (Style 9100) are for bikinis and triangle shaped bras. Ultra Shaper® (Style 9000) is best for bandeaus, strapless bras and one piece swimsuits.

PUSH UPS (Triangle & Round):

Bravo Push Up® bra pads have a full built-in push up pad for breast lift that fills out the cup. Made especially for small busts.
Triangle Plus® and Shaper Plus®.

Before and after side view picture using Bravo Triangle Ultra Shaper bra pad inserts
Before and after side-view of triangle shaped swimsuit featuring Bravo’s Triangle Ultra Shaper bra pad insert, provided by Island Fever Sisters
Before and after side view picture using Bravo full push up bra pad inserts
Before and after pose with Bravo’s Full Push Up bra pad insert, provided by Island Fever Sisters


Made from whipped silicone, nude swim shapers are light weight and designed especially for swimsuits. Bravo’s silicone small bust bra pads are of the best quality, which means they are soft, smooth, and sumptuous to wear. They feel so natural, you’ll forget you are wearing them! For one-piece suits try our Silicone Double Shaper® (adds a size!).

How to Use Bra Pads:

Simply place Bravo Bra Pad inserts into your bra or swimsuit for natural breast enhancement. Use small bust bra pads for dresses, casual wear, and as swimsuit shapers.

Need help?

Don’t be shy. Call Bravo toll free: 1-888-635-6415 for friendly, expert small bust bra pad insert assistance or write to us at . We will be glad to answer your questions and help you find the bra fit you wish for.

Latest update: 27 Apr 2017

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