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Be ready for ANYTHING Perky Pack Bra Pad Sale

Oh! How many times have you tried to get ready for a trip, a big event or a very special occasion? In our busy lives, I’ll bet it’s a ton of times!

And of course, we want to look good in all our outfits — and sometimes we just need a little help to “boost” those looks?

Meet our special “help for everything” PERKY PACK.

Guess what? We’ve paired two popular shaper styles to create a Perky Pack — a bra pad sale that will solve your problems and meet your needs in swimwear, dresses, sportswear and active wear. Both Perky Pack shaper styles are designed with push up pads on BOTH sides, and UNDER the bust. The result? You have help in both pushing UP for breast lift…AND…INWARD for cleavage. VAVOOM!


ULTRA SHSwim Shapers Sale by Bravo Perky Pack Ultra ShapersAPERS are very easy to insert in so many things we wear, and want to look “perfect” in.

Dressmakers rave about these styles for bridal, prom and summer dresses…and of course, we ALL love them in our swimsuits! Whether you want to be larger, shapelier, or just perked up…these Bravo styles will fill your needs.

If you have a halter top, you’ll be thrilled to try our TRIANGLE ULTRA SHAPER. This style is a particular favorite of many of the TV shows you may be watching. It works!!

And if you need help with a bandeau swimsuit, halter dress, or sports attire…”Perky Pack” also includes our ROUND ULTRA SHAPER which will give you a lovely shape.

So, meet your desire and needs — and be confident! Balance, lift, enhance, and style as YOU like with Bravo Bra Pads.

A PAIR of Triangle Ultra Shaper®
A PAIR of Ultra Shaper®

Save $6 on Bravo’s Perky Pack Bra Pad Sale

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